22 Orient Avenue, Pinkenba
QLD 4008 Australia

1800 789 258 AU Only
P: +61 7 3637 7000
F: +61 7 3260 1185

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PTB Group

The PTB Group was established in 2001 and has evolved from a small specialist turbine repair facility based at Brisbane Airport, into a global aviation parts and services supply organisation with operations in QLD and NSW.

Specialising in turbo prop aircraft, it has previously taken strategic initiatives to create a global organisation that provides a full range of services at each stage of the product life cycle. These include spare parts supply, engine repairs and overhaul, aircraft repairs and refurbishment, trading in engines and aircraft, and the provision of medium term financing and operating leases to customers. The Group operates in a highly complex technical and regulatory environment requiring highly trained and qualified staff, systems, and processes.

PTB Group trades in its own right as Pacific Turbine Brisbane, and its subsidiaries include IAP Group Australia Pty Limited, and PTB Emerald Pty Ltd.

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